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Discounts for groups. Delivery of bachelor's, master's and doctorals academic costumes all around Ukraine.

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Rental academical caps & gowns for graduations

Rental of gowns and costumes is the main serivice of our company. But you are also free to buy a new academical dress in our store. If you haven’t found a gown that fits you, we can tailor it for you.

Gabardine master's academic gown with red hood and tassel

For graduates of masters we offer traditional black gabardine gown with red hood and a hat with red tassels. All suites have a neat look and be delivered exactly to the place of ceremony buy our couriers.

Sizes: L M XL S

280250 UAH (per day)Proceed
Best for

Black gabardine graduation gown (mantle) with white edging

These beautiful black gowns are well suited for medical and law universities graduates. It’s also possible to add chevron (emblem of the university) to the suit. We can create a costume with a collar which has the name of the faculty and the year of graduation on it.

Sizes: S M L XL

380300 UAH (per day)Proceed
For lawyers
and doctors

Graduate gowns with Ukrainian symbols

This academic gown is for masters, bachelors and specialists. This gown differs from others with an atlas collar made in the national colors of Ukraine. The collar is made of blue and yellow atlas and has a knot in the front. Such collar could be used both with black atlas and gabardine gowns. The tassels on the academic cap are available in black and yellow colors. The gowns with this type of collar are also available for purchase. To place an order, shift to the next web-site section Academicals Shop.

Sizes: S M L XL

250 UAH (per day)Proceed

Other academic gowns for rent

In addition to black gowns with red and golden collars, which are classic solution for masters and specialists correspondingly, we offer you to rent the gown of another type.

We also have a size table, as well as the conditions and discounts for these gown as for the standard sets for masters and specialists.

If you want to rent the gowns, but you did not find the collar of the color you preferred, contact our manager by phone, and perhaps, we can make such gowns for you or rent them. However, you should understand that we need some time to make them, so the faster you place an order, the better.

Sizes: S M L XL

280250 UAH (per day)Proceed

Discounts and bonuses for groups

Group size 1-18

Delivery within Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa: 100 UAH

Delivery in other cities: 300 UAH

Group size 40-99

Delivery across Ukraine: free

Rental of every twentieth gown: free

Graduation photography: free

More than 100+

Please, be free to call our manager to discuss your discount.

Delivery by Nova Poshta. Akademservis™ rents out only by courier.

Courier delivery. The courier will deliver you neat, ironed gowns in appointed time and date to your graduate party without delay. Price of delivery by courier in Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa is 100 UAH. Delivery to other cities costs 300 UAH. We deliver more than 19 pcs for free.

We guarantee the timely delivery to all cities of Ukraine.

Prepayment. If you want to receive your gowns for sure, you shall pay 10% of your order amount. Prepayment can be made by any wire transfer you prefer. It is desirable to know your graduation party date to make prepayment.

Payment to courier. You shall pay the remaining amount to the courier on the day of rent.

You can rent either only a gown, or only an academic cap. In this case, rent of one gown for a graduate costs 90 UAH/day, and rent of an academic cap for a graduate costs 70 UAH/day. Discounts for these items are individually negotiable.