Services for Graduates. Gowns for Graduation

Akademservis™ renders services on delivery of academicals to graduation parties and diploma award ceremonies in all higher education institutions throughout Ukraine. We rent, sell and make to order gowns for students together with academic caps (four-angle caps, which are called confederates).

Rental of gowns for graduates

For many years, we have been renting gowns for graduates in different cities of Ukraine.

Buy gowns for graduation

You can buy a graduate’s set (gown and academic cap) as a souvenir.

Tailoring of gowns of any design

We can make gowns to order, from any material, of any design and color.

We have enough gowns for organization of a colorful graduate party in the largest education institutions of the country. Every year, the graduate gown becomes more and more popular at diploma award ceremonies. Rental of gowns for one day will be a perfect solution for graduates. Administrations of higher educational institutions prefer to buy gowns and keep them in the institution’s fund.

Samples of our gowns for graduates

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The gowns are made according to the rules and traditions of academicals. The master’s gown has a red collar, and the bachelor’s or specialist’s gown has a yellow collar, according to the European Code for Academicals.

The design and tailoring method of a cap allows to wear it with the tassel on the right side if you are still a student, and on the left side if you have diploma or if you are a graduate. The academic cap accentuates your graduate status at the ceremony.

If necessary, we will deliver gowns to any city of Ukraine. We also render the accompanying services, like photo and video shoot of the party. We are glad to capture every graduate, who is awarded with diploma in our gown.