Photos from events

Here you can see photos of our academic gowns for graduates. These photos were sent by students from different cities of Ukraine and CIS countries.

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In our gallery, there are photos of gowns for masters, specialists and bachelors. Most of the gowns are black (classic), however, there are also blue and purple ones. They can be made by individual order. It means, that you shouldn’t worry in case you did not find a model or color that you were looking for. We can make the gown you prefer. If you want to take pictures in the common academicals, you can rent such gowns or buy them in our shop.

Photo in a gown is, first of all, a memory you can hang on the wall in your future office. Graduation party is one of the most exciting and memorable moments in your life, after which your real adult life will begin and which will bring you merry moments, but not like the ones you have had when young. Only the gown will remind you of your student life. And your children will ask you about your university life when looking through your graduation album. And when looking at your photo in a gown, you will recall this moment with a smile on your face.

In addition to beautiful photos, you can watch some of our videos.