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Akademservis™ is engaged not only in tailoring and renting of academicals, we are also distributors of our own products in Ukraine and CIS countries. You can buy either 1 gown or order 20, 100, 500 or more pieces.

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Buy gabardine gown of master graduate

Black gabardine gown with a red collar is a traditional dress for a master graduate that looks great on photos and in videos. This set consists of an academic cap with a red tassel, red collar and the gown itself. These sets are available in several sizes, and their delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. Contact us by one of the phone numbers and read about possible discounts for this model.

Sizes: M L XL S

890899 UAHBuy

Buy satin gown for master graduates

Satin academic gown is another kind of classic dress for masters. Atlas is much lighter than gabardine, which is especially important in summer, because during this period most of graduate parties take place in our country.

Sizes: S M L

850899 UAHBuy

Buy gowns of bachelor and specialist with golden acollar

For graduates and bachelors we offer black gown and academic caps with golden collar and tassels on the caps. This colour combination is traditional; however, we can make gowns and collars of any other colour.

Sizes: S M L

850899 UAHBuy

Buy gown for graduate party with Ukrainian symbols

In addition to the traditional red and gold collars, we offer the gowns with collars in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The collar is made of yellow and blue atlas, but they can be combined with either atlas or gabardine gown and academic cap. If you like this gown but you do not want to buy it, we can offer you to rent it.

Sizes: S M L XL

850899 UAHBuy

Black matte graduation gown with cap and tassel on it

These mantles are most popular among graduates of medical and law faculties. Minimalistic black mantle with a white edging and a black confederate look great on the photos. We can also add some additional elements such as scarf or a badge.

Sizes: S M L XL

1040950 UAHBuy
Suitable for
lawyers and

Buy graduate’s academic cap

If you want, you can buy an academic cap not buying the gown with a collar. The cost of academic skullcap is the same for masters and bachelors, but they differ only in the colour of “tassels”.

300 UAHBuy

Delivery by Nova Poshta. Akademservis™ delivers the gowns by Nova Poshta to the office most convenient for you. We send the gowns using payment on delivery, which is convenient for you since you pay upon receiving the gown. The cost of delivery is calculated individually depending on the order’s scope.
 The delivery price is about 15-50 UAH.

We guarantee the timely delivery in all cities of Ukraine.

Prepayment. You do not need to make a prepayment when buying a gown. You pay only upon receiving.

Payment on delivery. You pay the order directly upon delivery.

Over the time Akademservis has been in business, we have developed a certain loyalty program for our customers. Discount is a part of it.

When you purchase 10 sets, the delivery of gowns in Ukraine is free. Discounts for large orders are discussed individually with managers and can be quite significant.

Why gowns are black?
Black gown is considered traditional and has been used since the foundation of the first educational institutions. Also, the black colour is very gallant. Sparkly black gowns are perfectly combined with any other colour.

Buy or rent a gown?
If you want to keep the gown as a souvenir, as a family heirloom, this service is for you. Besides, our company sells gowns at competitive prices.

Can I see the gown before I buy it?
Yes, you can. However, it is better to see photos from the gallery first. Our representatives in different cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov etc.) are ready to show you gowns and academic caps if you are going to buy them.